Funerals at St. Jane

When a loved one dies, it’s never easy. But as the Funeral Rite puts it, “life is changed, not ended…”

If you’re loved one is a Parishioner of St. Jane de Chantal, please contact us when you think that death might be imminent, if possible, so that we can know and be prepared.

Or, if after the death, contact the Church before setting a date for the funeral. Funeral homes often set the dates for funerals on their own, and then it can be difficult to find a Priest without sometimes resetting the date and/or time of the funeral.

Preparing for the Funeral Mass

Planning the Funeral Mass

Funeral Mass Planner

The USCCB maintains a robust depository of planning materials for funerals. You can easily read through various Scriptures appropriate for a funeral, and other materials helpful in planning a funeral Mass, or service.

End-of-Life Issues

The Louisiana ~ Mississippi Hospice and Palliative Care Organization provides a great number of resources including end-of-life issues, and advance directives for end-term healthcare, for those concerned about end-of-life issues. Including

Many people find it helpful to designate a specific person, or group of people, in the above-listed Funeral and Disposition of Remains, who will tend to the final disposition of their earthly remains. This is the case in instances where no living relative may be aware of the desire for a Catholic funeral and for interment in sacred ground. Many will find it helpful to plan in advance, to make certain their wishes are carried out responsibly and with careful aforethought.

Catholic Bioethics

The National Catholic Bioethics Center offers an abundance of Catholic Resources for most bioethical issues,  including end-of-life issues and advance directives for end-term healthcare, and includes links to free consultations.

Catholic Guide to End-of-Life Decisions-English-PDF Download – The National Catholic Bioethics Center

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. LINK IN EMAIL WILL EXPIRE AFTER 24 HOURS. A brief but clear explanation of Church teaching on advance directives, euthanasia, and physician-assisted suicide with a glossary of terms, as well as sample advance directive and power of attorney forms. FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR DU