Family Promise

Our hosting dates for 2020 are May 10-17 and August 15-23. Sign ups for the 2020 host weeks will be after the 8 am, 10 am, and 6 pm Masses April 5 and August 2.

May 10-17 Host Week Sign Up

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Churches throughout the greater St Tammany area become aware of the need to help with homelessness when it was discovered by local schools that children were sleeping with their families in the woods, or wherever they might, due to having lost their home. It’s easy to hear that most families and people live a paycheck or two away from homelessness, it’s another thing entirely to find a way to help those who face such misfortune.

St. Jane Family Promise participates as a host congregation through Family Promise of St. Tammany, which furnishes lodging here at St. Jane in Abita Springs, and provides nutritious meals for homeless families (up to 14 people) for one week up to four times a year. St. Jane is proud and excited to be a part of this opportunity to demonstrate the corporal and spiritual works of mercy in a practical and life-affirming way.

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Family Promise, and there are many ways that you can help. Whether you provide part of a hot meal, arrange activities for children, stay overnight as a host, help with setup, housekeeping, or breakdown, you can make a difference in the lives of families who have lost their homes and are on the road to regaining independence.

To learn more about how you can be involved, contact Alison Laguaite or Alissa Pierce at  [email protected]
 or visit our page on Facebook