8:00 AM Masses Only until the Power is Restored

Rid yourselves, then, of all defilement, of all the ill-will that remains in you; be patient, and cherish that word implanted in you which can bring salvation to your souls.22 Only you must be honest with yourselves; you are to live by the word, not content merely to listen to it.23 One who listens to the word without living by it is like a man who sees, in a mirror, the face he was born with;24 he looks at himself, and away he goes, never giving another thought to the man he saw there.25 Whereas one who gazes into that perfect law, which is the law of freedom, and dwells on the sight of it, does not forget its message; he finds something to do, and does it, and his doing of it wins him a blessing.

James 1:21-25

We’ll post a schedule for the weekend by Friday. The Obligation to attend Mass is still dispensed during Hurricane Recovery – for obvious reasons. Stay holy. +