St. Vincent de Paul Society

St. Vincent de Paul Society

St. Vincent De Paul Society

The St. Jane Conference of the St. Vincent De Paul Society,  provides aide and assistance all who in our community who come to us for help without regard to religion, political opinion, race, national origin or social standing.

In our daily work with our neighbors we serve a broad range of needs; diapers, baby food, grown-up’s food, medicine, help with utility bills, help with rent, lodging for temporarily homeless people, direction to other organizations for additional assistance, gas to get to work and propane for heating.

The St. Jane Conference is supported, almost in its entirety, by the voluntary contributions, the loving gifts, of our parishioners placed in the “poor boxes” at the back of the church and checks dropped into collection baskets.  This love and generosity helps good people through difficult times.  Every dollar that is donated goes directly toward helping our neighbors.

Membership in the St. Jane Conference is open to all parishioners willing to give time, love and understanding to others.

Anyone in need of help should feel free to call us.

St. Vincent de Paul  

Chris Reed, President