Below is the policy for Family Promise and Severe Weather – Keep in Touch!

Good afternoon,

With the pending storm in the gulf, please see the below policy on hurricane preparedness. I will continue to monitor the storm and ask that each of you do as well as it pertains to your hosting duties and shelter of the families. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email me at anytime.

XI. Hurricane Preparedness Policy:
In the event our community is placed under a hurricane watch, Family Promise staff will maintain daily communication with the current host congregation as well as the following two host congregations. The Family Promise office and congregations will keep abreast of the forecast. If our community is placed under a hurricane warning, the daycenter will close to ensure the safety of our guests, volunteers and staff. The Family Promise staff will notify the Host Congregation upon closing under the hurricane warning. Family Promise staff will transport families to an open emergency shelter:
* Guests will be given time to gather necessary personal items.
* Guests will receive an ice chest, canned goods, bottled water, paper supplies, flashlight, pillows, blankets and one mattress per person.
* Guests, volunteers and staff will vacate the building.
* Guests will be transported by the Family Promise van to the designated Storm Shelter. Disabled guests will be transported to shelter for special needs.
* Staff will confirm guests have staff emergency cell phone numbers.
* Staff and guests will stay in touch by cell phone as needed.
* Staff will return to work when the hurricane has passed, power is restored and roads are clear for travel.
* Guests will return when the daycenter is reopened.
*The hosting will start once the host congregation is able to receive our guests again. The staff will confirm with the host congregation that they are able to host in their facilities (utilities are on and the building is free from damage) and their volunteers are available to serve.