UPDATE:   We have one more Mass for Ash Wednesday, which is this evening at 7:00pm.  Ashes will be given out immediately following the Homily  

It’s difficult to imagine that Lent is already coming upon us this Wednesday. It also means that Mardi Gras is this Tuesday which will certainly be occupying the time of many, in various pursuits.

But come Wednesday, many people will be wanting Ashes.

So, here is the pertinent info:

The 1988 circular letter on Lent and Easter “Paschales Solemnitatis,” issued by the Congregation for Divine Worship states:

“21. On the Wednesday before the first Sunday of Lent, the faithful receive the ashes, thus entering into the time established for the purification of their souls. This sign of penance, a traditionally biblical one, has been preserved among the Church’s customs until the present day. It signifies the human condition of the sinner, who seeks to express his guilt before the Lord in an exterior manner, and by so doing express his interior conversion, led on by the confident hope that the Lord will be merciful. This same sign marks the beginning of the way of conversion, which is developed through the celebration of the sacraments of penance during the days before Easter.”

“1060. This order may also be used when ashes are brought to the sick. According to circumstances, the rite may be abbreviated by the minister. Nevertheless, at least one Scripture reading should be included in the service.”
Ash Wednesday is not a Holy Day of Obligation.

We will have three Masses:


  1. 6:30AM in the Extraordinary Form, at which Ashes are given out prior to Mass.
  2. 8:00AM our usual daily Mass, at which Ashes are distributed after the Homily.
  3. 7:00PM is the same as 8:00AM

Ashes will be given to ministers of the homebound; but they will not be distributed in the Office, or otherwise outside of Mass.


Have a great holiday!

+ Blessings