An Off the Wall Q & A

From a Parishioner, adressed to the Mysterium Fidei Latin Mass Society, Inc.

Dear Friends:

Please join us for the traditional Latin Mass this Sunday, January 15th at noon at St. Jane de Chantal Church in Abita Springs. We will be celebrating the 2nd Sunday after Epiphany.

Several people have approached me with concerns about diminishing attendance and the decreasing quality of the music accompanying the Mass. While I share these concerns, I am not the person in charge of the Mass and therefore unable to take corrective action. However, I do believe you should voice your valid concerns and therefore offer you the appropriate point of contact and their contact information:

Fr. Ken Allen
985-892-1439 (Office)
XXX-XXX-XXXX (Mobile) [edited]

For your love of our Lord and His Mass, I encourage you to speak up. For the love of His Church and its pastors, I beg your respect and civility.

God bless and take care,


P.S. We will have a general meeting of the Latin Mass Society next Wednesday. Please plan on attending.

Hello David, and thank you for writing about this. I too have great concerns about our music program overall, the Latin Mass foremost. All suggestions are welcomed.

Also, it’s helpful that we continue to note that the Mysterium Fidei Latin Mass Society, Inc., is not a part of St. Jane de Chantal Parish. While it’s unfortunate that the times call for such things, I’d be happy to put you in touch with Cheryl Harper of Catholic Mutual, or Wendy Vitter of the legal department to discuss things with you in a friendly manner. Though, as a lawyer, I understand you’re well aware of the issues involved. We’re all working for salvation in Jesus Christ, in His Church, working through the means which we have available. To that end, I’ve created the Sancta Missa group within the Parish itself, that concerns may be addressed head on within the Parish, and support may be found for choirs, organists, and such. All are welcome. We enjoy a great support, spiritually and financially, from the members of the St. Jane congregation itself, regarding the Latin Mass.

It’s true that I was very surprised when your wife resigned as Choir Director the Monday prior to Christmas, and I do publicly apologize to her for my initial shock. Frankly, I was shocked that anyone would resign within a week prior to Christmas with no explanation. However, I do empathize with her sincerity. As a Pastor, it’s not easy to respond in the week prior to Christmas when one is having major issues regarding a choir.

I’m sorry that you were unable to be at Mass today. For various reasons, due to our Parish schedule, I chose to have a Low Mass.

While it was quite a surprise to everyone, I did have a number of people tell me they had never experienced a Low Mass before…. They appreciated the quiet, prayerful time at the foot of the Cross.

You are always welcome to express your opinions to me personally, and I certainly don’t mind if you continue to address your opinions about the Mass at St. Jane, or about myself, to your Incorporated group, and to the public in general as you have been doing. After all, I can’t do anything about the issues if I’m not aware of the issues themselves. I can only assure you, that we share many of the same concerns, and I find it unfortunate that our work would not be together, but towards a separation.

I’m thankful that I do have an awareness of the issues, and may address them forthrightly in the coming months, and in the coming year.

As for our attendance, I check with the ushers every week, and it is holding quite steady for the last year, between 175-225. Never less, sometimes more.

Warm regards,
in Christ,
Fr. Kenneth Allen