In a surprising development which has taken shape over the last several months, Deacons Frans is retiring from Active Duty at St. Jane De Chantal Parish at the end of the Christmas Season.

The end of the Christmas Season is in the ordinary, of course, as Monday, January 9, 2016, with the celebration of the Baptism of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

On Sunday, January 15, we will have Deacon Frans’s retirement Mass at 10AM, which will be followed by, as Deacon Frans puts it, “one of our gourmet receptions.”

After his retirement, Deacon Frans will be no stranger to us here. Like his Brother in Law, Monsignor Louis LeBourgeois, Deacon Frans will retain his faculties and will be able to perform all the duties of an active Deacon. We have spoken at length, and I have assured him that he is always welcome here at St. Jane, and can continue doing just about everything he is now doing, with the freedom of schedule he perceives wisest.

The Parish owes a great debt of gratitude to both Deacon Frans and to his wife, Del. While his retirement is on occasion of retrospection and some sadness, it is also an acknowledgement that time moves on, and we move with it.

The news is late in coming out due to several reasons; mainly due to the bulletin schedule over Christmas and New Years, and making sure of the details with the Office of the Permanent Diaconate. (I had suggested that the end of June might be better, but they assured me that this is not an unusual occurrence.)

Please come out as we pay our respects to Deacon Frans. While he is famous for writing beautiful poems when others retire, or move, or join us, we are no actively searching for someone to take up the mantle and write a poem for Deacon Frans’s “farewell” luncheon.

And we certainly hope to see him at Daily Mass the next day, or very soon thereafter.