This week is a very reflective week for most people. In our spiritual readings at the Mass we are reminded that Jesus Christ is the King of all creation and that He will come again in glory. In our daily lives, we will celebrate Thanksgiving this week, and then week starts the new year in the liturgical life of the Church as we prepare spiritually (and corporally,) for the Christmas Season.

In Advent we look at the prophetic revelations which lead to the coming of Jesus Christ, and to the His coming again as the King of Glory; in the last week of Advent we look more personally at the Birth of Jesus Christ, and His coming amongst us is an immanent reality. Advent tends to be a very busy time for most people, and I’ve learned not to schedule much during it. However, we will have some special celebrations curing the Christmas Season, which will be announced.

In the Ordinary Readings of the Mass, we’ve been reading through the Book of Revelation, which goes at lengths to exhort the people of Christ towards a true belief in Jesus Christ as God, as God come amongst us as a man; and we are reminded that we need to have a true Faith in Him which is active in our lives, and in our works, our actions, our witness towards others as we go through life.

One of the Churches described in the Book Revelation is described as the Church of the Living Dead. Others are the Loveless Church, the Suffering Church, the Adulterous Church. The Book of Revelation is well worth reading and the time in meditation upon it.

One of the things it tries to tell us is that the life in Jesus Christ is not merely a philosophy of being. It’s not merely a set of actions to perform, and it is not a prison of rules to which we must adhere. It’s not merely teachings and learnings, or studies and writings. Rather the life in Christ, which is embodied in the Church which He founded, is a life of belief in, and faith in the person of Jesus Christ who is fully present to us in many ways – the Sacraments, “where two or more are gathered in My Name, etc.

Everything flows from our belief in Jesus Christ, our getting to know Him in different ways as we grow through life and move through the various phases of growth in the heart.

Thanksgiving, the Advent Season, the Christmas Season, give us so many wonderful opportunities to plan and create lasting memories with family and with friends. The life in Christ is most fully realized in community with others, so make plans to be with your friends, family, community, in any way shape or form.

Some become very isolated during the coming seasons, and we need to remember to reach out to them and make sure that they know they remain a part of a Christian community, the Catholic Church here in Abita, which is a Church of the living, the loving, the praying, the devoted, dedicated to the works of mercy, acts of charity, and to overcoming the obstacles in life which prevent us from any of the above, even as we may undergo private sufferings which for many are unimaginable, or experiences joys which we may never have imagined.

Life is beautiful, and it is for the living. We pray this week for all who are suffering, who experience isolation, and who question their faith in the Church, and their faith in Jesus Christ. We are entering into a new year, a new time… and it is up to each one of us to make it a bold and beautiful statement of Faith in Jesus Christ, who is the King of all Creation.