This Sunday, October 16, the 22nd Sunday after Pentecost, Monsignor Calkins will be celebrating the Mass. A Parish luncheon will follow. All are welcome

  1. Altar Server Training for the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, the Latin Mass, startedWed, Oct 12 at 7pm and will run through Nov 30.
  2. Rooms and space are available to Parishioners interested in meeting to deepen their Faith via the Traditional Rites.

What is the St. Jane Sancta Missa Society? It’s simply an (as yet) informal Parish organization to help coordinate and communicate with those who attend the Mass here, the Latin Mass – Extraordinary Form.

Many members who attend the Mass belong the the Mysterium Fidei Latin Mass Society, Inc., separate from the Parish, which strives to do good works and to promote Catholic Culture, and the Traditional Rite. Initially much of the communication regarding the Mass was done via several members of that Society, however they have chosen to devote more of their energy to the Mysterium Fidei Latin Mass Society, Inc. itself, which is a fine and wonderful thing. We simply need a Parish vehicle to communicate news regarding the Mass, the schedules, the gatherings, the trainings, special events – to gather and disseminate news, to train Altar Servers, etc.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact Fr. Allen

We remain thankful to the many leaders who have stepped up to help with the promotion of the Traditional Rite here at St. Jane Parish.