Advent Mission

The parish mission will begin on Monday, November 30, and conclude on December 2, Thursday. We will begin with Mass at 6 pm, then conference at 6:30, questions and answers at 7:15 and conclude at 8 pm.

Each evening confessions will be available when we finish.  We will meet at Saint Jane de Chantal Church for the 4 day mission.

The topics are: Monday: The Blessed Mother as listener; Tuesday: Overview of the 7 Sacraments; Wednesday: The Sacrament of Reconciliation; Thursday: The Eucharist.

Father James G. Ward has been a Vincentian priest for 37 years.  He has taught in seminaries and universities and has been involved in parish ministry, the missions, outreach to the Hispanics, promoting devotion to the Blessed Mother and preaching parish missions.