St. Jane Parish, as part of our social outreach, will be taking part in the Family Promise program, which is endorsed by Catholic Charities, our Archbishop, and is associated with many dioceses, and denominations, across the country. Take a look at an introductory video. More information will be coming soon.

Via the Northshore Foundation:

Did you know:

*There are 1250 children in the St. Tammany Parish public-school system (May 2014) indentified as homeless. Over 80% of these families are without a home of their own and are living “doubled up” with family and friends.

*On an average night in St. Tammany parish, there are 61 persons comprising 17 families who are homeless.

*At this time there are NO shelters in St. Tammany parish where families can be housed together.

Family Promise of St. Tammany is a program that relies on an interfaith blend of denominations that offer their facilities and their congregations to support these families with children during difficult times. The lifeblood of the program is the volunteers and their love, compassion and giving spirit.

These components are what make the 182 affiliates across the country successful. These are the ingredients that have inspired our faith-based community in St. Tammany to commit to helping our homeless families with children in need.

In order to meet these needs, Family Promise of St. Tammany will…

*Recruit a minimum of 13 Congregations to host and feed 3-4 families for one week at a time no more than 4 times per year.

*Will recruit a minimum of 25 Community, Family and Business Partners to help support Family Promise.

*Open a Day Center where families will get help from existing community services to resolve issues with employment, housing and other barriers to independence.

*We will own a 15 passenger van to use to transport families to and from the host congregations.

*We will graduate families from the program into long term permanent housing.

Family Promise of St. Tammany will provide the opportunity for churches and their members to exercise their faith and outreach mission right in their own four walls.