maryhelpofchristiansEach year, October is Respect Life Month, during which various pro-life activities are promoted. And the first Sunday in October, which is of course this Sunday, is dedicated as Respect Life Sunday.

Respect Life Sunday starts off a year of pro-life activities surrounding a certain theme, and this year’s theme is “Each of us is a masterpiece of God’s creation,” which is taken from one of Pope Francis’s Homilies.

The United States’ Bishop’s Conference writes; “Imagine yourself pausing in quiet wonder in front of a beautiful piece of art. Now think of the artist who created that masterpiece with painstaking care and precision, stepping back to admire his work.

Each of us is a masterpiece, created by God with purpose and tenderness. We are each loved so intensely and are each of such great worth that we cannot even comprehend it.”

Respect Life Sunday

October is also the Traditional month of the Rosary, the beautiful set of prayers which is a mediation on the life of Jesus Christ through the eyes of his mother.

Next week we will be taking part in an annual Rosary Crusade, which is a prayer of the Rosary for our nation. It takes place in front of St. Joseph Hall at Noon, on Saturday October 11.

Prayer groups around the country will be taking part in the same prayer, at the same time. Come out and join us for a half an hour to pray for our nation at this somewhat turbulent epoch in history. The Rosary will be preceded by a small procession from the Church, which will start at about 11:30am.

Prayer for life, prayer for salvation, prayer for health and safety… these are all important aspects of a life of prayer and of a Christian spirituality. In that light, here is a beautiful prayer to Mary, Help of Christians.

Most Holy Virgin Mary, Help of Christians, how sweet it is to come to your feet imploring your perpetual help. If earthly mothers cease not to remember their children, how can you, the most loving of all mothers, forget me? Grant then to me, I implore you, your perpetual help in all my necessities, in every sorrow, and especially in all my temptations. I ask for your unceasing help for all who are now suffering. Help the weak, cure the sick, convert sinners. Gant through your intercessions many vocations to the religious life. Obtain for us, O Mary, Help of Christians, that having invoked you on earth we may love and eternally thank you in heaven. Amen.