Remember that tomorrow, Saturday, September 27, our Parish is involved in two very important endeavors.

Friends of the Poor WalkFirst, the St. Vincent de Paul National Friends of the Poor Walk, from 8AM – Noon at the Lakefront in Mandeville. If you drive down to the lake in Hwy 59, the street turns into Girod St in old Mandeville, and ends at the Lakefront. Take a left and you can’t miss everyone, a few blocks down, towards the Yacht Club.

40 Days for LifeAlso, our Pro-Life Team, working with the Forty Days for Life, have been coordinating prayer volunteers, to pray around the Abortion Clinic in Metairie. We’ll be praying with time slots from 7AM – 7PM, and are very thankful to Mrs.Loretta Naquin for helping to coordinate our efforts here.

The St. Jane CYO is taking part in the prayer vigils, from 3:00-5:00pm. Check out their flyer for more details.

Via the Louisiana Site for the 40 Days:

The Three Pillars of 40 Days for Life

Prayer & Fasting to End Abortion:

  • The power of prayer cannot be overstated in this work. Encourage your group members to commit to a daily prayer and fasting during the 40 days (Ask about our prayer commitment cards and prayer cards.)
  • Whenever you meet as a church/group, pray the 40DFL prayer on the prayer cards.

Peaceful & Compassionate Presence

  • Getting out of our comfort zones: Today there are over 7,536 children and women who have been spared the pain of abortion because of the prayer and presence at 40DFL campaigns around the world. However, 40DFL does cause us to leave our comfort zone. That is actually the very thing that makes this campaign so powerful. It causes us, our friends, our family, and our community to confront the reality that abortions are happening every single day in our back yard, and there is a great joy and peace in taking this leap of faith.
  • Adopt-a-Day: Visit our calendar to view available dates, or email us at Most coordinators pick one meeting or weekend of church services to speak to their groups about signing up for individual hours of the campaign.


  • We do all we can to promote awareness and education in the community.

40 Days for Life